Candice Silversides

Division of Cardiology

University Health Network – Toronto General Hospital

Candice Silversides

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Dr. Silversides is Director of the Mt. Sinai Cardio-Obstetrics Clinic, a unique environment for sub-specialty training of cardiology, obstetrics, and general medicine residents and international fellows. To foster expansion of expertise in the discipline, she established and directs the Pregnancy and Heart Disease Fellowship at U of T. In total, 60 fellows have trained in the program, most of whom have returned to their home countries to establish and lead similar programs there. Her expertise in adult congenital heart disease (ACHD) has had a major impact on the care of young women with ACHD planning for, during and in the post-partum stages of pregnancy: her research findings through The CARPREG I and CARPREG II Studies have been incorporated into clinical practice guidelines and cardiology textbooks internationally. Dr. Silversides has also participated in the development of consensus statements and clinical practice guidelines and made contributions to major cardiac textbooks.